2020 Aug 26     
2 Bit Thugs

Release number nine from Jojo 'Daylight Robbery' Angel's new label

Time was when you couldn't chuck a brick without hitting a house or garage producer who'd just done something strange and quite possibly illegal with a Whitney Houston sample. 

These days, not so much. So you can be forgiven if a nostalgic smile flickers across your lips when you hear Crazy, which loops up a couple of lines from the classic Love Will Save The Day. On the Original Mix, those oh-so-familiar vocals sit atop a backdrop that can fairly described as tech-house, for sure, but that definitely comes from the deeper, groovier end of the tech-house spectrum – one for the 4am heads-down crew. Piem's remix doesn't flip the script too much, but has a slightly sparser, struttier feel. The EP's then completed by the rap-snippeted Poppin', which is a slightly more standard-issue tech-house/G-house affair, perhaps, but still plently playable.

The Original Mix takes the gold for yours truly. It's all right, y'know… and it's definitely more than okay.

Words: Russell Deeks]

Release date: 28 August



Review Score: 8




Tags: K-Mack, Techords, Jojo Angel, house, tech-house, Whitney Houston