2017 Jul 20     
2 Bit Thugs

Remixes come from Mat.Joe, Booka Shade and Pirupa

Jack's back! Or rather Junior Jack is, as Vito Lucente returns to the production fray after a decade-long absence with new single Wonder. And a classy comeback it is too.

Slightly oddly, there's no Original Mix included; the closest we get is a Junior Jack Dub. Here, Milla Brune's excellent, wistful female vocal, which veers almost towards jazz/blues territory in its phrasing - and which I still can't entirely decipher, despite many repeat listens! - sits atop deep, driving beats, an acidic bassline and some cool 90s-style fluttering synths. There's one hell of a build and drop around the 5:30 mark, too.

Then we come to the remixes, of which there are three, supplied by a heavy-hitting line-up. First up to the plate are Mat.Joe, who marry the vocal to a finely crafted backdrop consisting of crisply rolling beats, a subtly warping bassline, nagging synths and some added, barely discernible 'come on!' shouts. Pirupa then takes us into more driving, heads-down territory on a mix that could work on house and techno floors alike, while finally Booka Shade head in the opposite direction, delivering a laidback, almost lounge-y pass, complete with what sounds like a marimba, xylophone or glockenspiel of some kind.

About the worst thing an artist can do, is come back after a long absence with a track that's a pale shadow of their past glories. Here, though, Lucente has done the opposite - to these ears, Wonder easily matches if not surpasses any of his early 00s output and, with mixes to suit a range of tastes, could well be HUGE this summer.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 21 July





Review Score: 9




Tags: Junior Jack, PIAS Recordings, Vito Lucente, Milla Brune, Mat.Joe, Pirupa, Booka Shade