2018 Jul 31     
2 Bit Thugs

Philadelphia polymath Lopez serves up two cuts that'll please deep house and deep techno lovers alike

Based in Philadelphia, June Lopez is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work has spanned music composition and production, photography and sound design. His musical output has been similarly diverse, ranging from electronic styles to Afro, Latin and jazz, but here he serves up a two-tracker for Liverpool label No Monsters Music that crosses the house/techno divide.

On the A you'll find the Tech Mix of Just Imagine, which centres around a vaguely French Kiss-ish synth riff, topped with a vocal sample - "I'm just imagining what that day would feel like" that, based on the longer snippets, seems to be some fella discussing his relationship with an unidentified religious sect. Meanwhile, various percussion hits tink and tonk along in the background while simple 4/4s do their thing underneath, making this a track that would sound just as good during the small hours on deep techno floors, or while vegging on the sofa later on. Flip it and you'll find the Deep Mix, a housier ride that's more obviously aimed at dancefloor play - albeit still only in the specialist clubs.

If you like your house and techno on the more cerebral side, this is one to check for sure.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 27 July



Review Score: 8




Tags: Juan Lopez, No Monsters Music, house, techno