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Joris Voorn next up for Global Underground

'GU043: Rotterdam' (30 Oct) features a whopping 100 tracks

2020 Aug 06     
2 Bit Thugs

The album will be available digitally and in several physical formats including a collectors' edition

Joris Voorn is the man at the controls for the latest mix compilation in Global Underground's long-running 'city' series. GU043: Rotterdam features over 100 tracks from the likes of Kölsch, Plastikman, CJ Bolland, Roman Flügel, Nathan Fake and Speedy J, all skilfully blended together by Voorn in Ableton Live, and will be out on 30 October.

Several different editions of the collection will be available. As well as digital and streaming versions, there'll be a standard 'book pack' double CD and a triple heavyweight vinyl edition, plus a limited a limited collector’s edition that includes a 110-page photo book and four 12-inch square art prints.

Voorn says of the mix: "Rotterdam is a city close to my heart, it’s where I started my career as a music producer, and gave me the inspiration to make my first tracks. GU43 takes you on a true journey.... one moment you feel you’re in the industrial Rotterdam harbour, next you’re in the vibrant cultural city centre. Sometimes you’re in a dark tunnel under the river that splits North and South before coming up to the tranquillity of a green park. GU43 is an ode to the city that gave me a life in music."





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