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Joey Negro finally releases second album

It's been 24 whole years since 'Universe Of Love'...

2017 May 05     
2 Bit Thugs

'Produced With Love' will be out on Z Records in June

Dave Lee has announced that there's a new Joey Negro album on the way. Incredibly, Produced With Love will be only his second artist album under the Joey Negro alias (not counting four as Joey Negro presents The Sunburst Band), and follows 1993's Universe Of Love.

Coming (of course) on Lee's own Z Records, Produced With Love features vocal contributions from some truly legendary tonsils, including those of disco divas Melba Moore and Linda Clifford, as well as the late, great Diane Charlemagne.

Lee announced the album's release on Facebook at the weekend, in a lengthy post that you can read in full here. Of the Diane Charlemagne tracks, he said: "Unfortunately, between starting and finishing the project, the supremely talented Diane Charlemagne, the singer/songwriter who I co-wrote many songs with over last 10 years very sadly passed away. Diane was not just an amazing vocalist; she also had a natural gift for both lyrics and melody. Not everything we wrote together was gold. Quite a few never got beyond a chorus sketch, as we both knew it didn't have that illusive magic, but she was normally my first port of call to co-write with, even if the song was going to be sung by someone else. We had a great working relationship... this album is dedicated to you Diane."





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