2016 Mar 03     
2 Bit Thugs

Andres Sanchez, Chris Schweizer and Lee Osborne deliver the goods... and then some!

Lost Connection first saw the light of day in 2008 and was very well received in its original format. For 2016, though, it returns with three brand new interpretations and my initial reaction when listening to them was, quite simply, wow! It's a rare thing to find a remix that trounces the Original - to hear three that do it with such finesse is really something special.

First up is the Andres Sanchez Uplifting Mix, which is fast-paced with risers, male vocal chants and piano breakdowns; then there's the Chris Schweizer Remix, which is a slower, tech-laden behemoth with spine-chilling breakdowns and soaring synths. Finally you have the Lee Osborne Remix, which adds in a good dose of acidic sounds, ethereal lead lines and a truly epic breakdown.

All are built around the 2008 original’s main riff as the main hook but there is just so much more to all of them. I really can't give this tune anything less than top marks as it delivers on so many levels.

For anyone that thought trance had nothing left to offer, please check this out. It will change your mind in a handful of heartbeats!

Words: Danny Slade



Review Score: 10




Tags: Trance, High Contrast Recordings, Jochen Miller, Lee Osborne, Chris Schweizer, Andres Sanchez