2018 Jul 05     
2 Bit Thugs

Argentinian producer Joaquin Koen makes his FXtion Records debut

This is Argentinian producer Joaquin Koen’s first release for FXtion Records, and he's certainly come up with the goods, rocking a raw, timeless jackin’ house sound that’s guaranteed to get crowds moving.

The first track is Rawness itself. It starts with a kick and snare and adds a hi-hat, vocal samples and a funky bassline that give it a solid groove, which is added to with female vocal chants and synth bleeps - a great opener. Next comes the Kinnerman Remix, a dubbier affair that starts with an ethnic percussion loop then adds a slicing hi-hat, rolling bassline and snare shots while keeping the same bassline.

The next track, Never Forget, is another funky, swung number with organ stabs, whooshes and more female vocal chants thrown in for good measure. Again it's a solid, floor-friendly rump shaker that should get the crowd moving. Then we have the Ten Story Remix, which starts with a female vocal chant and builds via layers of percussion to a breakdown that's very minimal, as befits the overall dubby feel. This is the deepest cut of the release and although it's still very funky, quite different from the rest. Closing out the EP is House Addiction, which starts with a repeated male spoken “Yo!” over a sparse percussive intro, then adds some other male vocal samples, female chants, swirling noises and a simple bassline, and which again has the trademark funky beat.

If you're looking for some funk-fuelled jackin’ tech-house for your sets, this EP has what you need. I have no favourites here, because the whole EP is a winner.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 6 July



Review Score: 8




Tags: Joaquin Koen, FXtion Records, Ten Story, Kinnerman, tech house, tech-house