2019 Aug 12     
2 Bit Thugs

The Ibiza-dwelling Mancunian producer comes to Josh Butler's label

Mancunian DJ/producer Jimmy Switch has been a busy man of late, holding down Ibiza residencies for both Sankeys and Amnesia, and producing tracks for the likes of 7Wallace, Defined Music and more. This, his Origins Rcrds debut, is a tour de force which features two fun 'n' funky house/tech-house cuts that are destined to set dancefloors alight in the coming months.

The Outsider itself starts with a hefty kick and the click of a closed hi-hat, then adds another rhythmic loop and bass booms until the bassline is added fully. There's a tribal chant in the background, and once it's all got going you have a track it's hard to stay still to, as the infectious groove is so compelling. As it peters out towards the end, sounds are stripped away slowly but surely and it ends with a crash. 

The second track, Assemble The Robots, starts with a percussion loop and adds a funky bassline, then grooves along nicely with a repetitive clap and the odd electro drum fill. A moaned female vocal stab is then added, along with the hi-hat pattern which makes the track really swing. There's a breakdown with a synth sound, and the track sounds healthily wobbly – it's not as instant as the first track, but has its own groove and will get people on their feet for sure.

I haven't got a favourite here: both tracks are quality and cause one to want to throw shapes! I think the title track will be the most popular, due to the vocal chant which is a great hook, but I admire Assemble The Robots for working so well without one.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 9 August



Review Score: 8




Tags: Jimmy Switch, Origins Rcrds, house, tech-house, Josh Butler