2016 Jun 01     
2 Bit Thugs

Some leftfield sound choices make this an intriguing enthralling package

This EP features two tracks, You Not Me and It's Alright, that come with a remix apiece from Neil Parkes and Kashii respectively.

First up is the Original Mix of You Not Me, which leads with a skippy, swung drum pattern that's solidified by the introduction of a thudding kickdrum, ethereal pads and a repeated female vocal that just says “you” over and over. As the track progresses, other trippy noises are introduced and it turns into a damn fine little floor-mover. It's Alright has a dirty kick with futuristic samples and a tizzy hi-hat that lead up to a male vocal saying "It's all right" and a cornucopia of freaked-out noises and odd samples that together pack a real punch. The funky bassline really carries the track and out of the two original mixes, this is my favourite.

Neil Parkes’ remix of You Not Me has a funkier, more laidback sound and Kashii’s remix of It's Alright adds some jazzy piano stabs and what sounds like load of birds chirping. As an overall package, this is an impressive one that's hard to pin down in genre terms, though the hype sheet's "deep tech house" is as fair a description as any.

I recommend that you check this release out yourself - you're unlikely to be disappointed.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 6 June



Review Score: 8




Tags: House, Suah Records, Jhonsson, Neil Parkes, Kashii