2020 Mar 29     
2 Bit Thugs

It's an all-Celtic techno-house showdown! Or something

Two UK scene legends go head-to-head here, as Welsh house hero Jamie Jones and Scottish techno titan join forces for a two-tracker on Hot Creations.

Both producers clearly know their way around a studio, given their track records, so there's certainly no faulting the quality of the production, or the dancefloor appeal of the two tracks. That's no surprise. It anything is a surprise, it's just how far the EP leans towards the house side of the stylistic equation: Fairytale Frequency itself is a chuggy tech-houser with tribal drums, a treated, spoken female vocal and hints of acid, while the accompanying Sundancing is deeper, mellower and a little bit proggy around the edges, with a (presumably sampled) chanted vocal.

It's perhaps not quite "greater than the sum of its parts" in the way you'd like it to be, but the Fairytale Frequency EP definitely isn't any less, and with two producers at the top of their respective games behind them, these tracks will certainly do the damage out on the floor.

Words: Russell Deeks



Review Score: 8




Tags: Jamie Jones, Alan Fitzpatrick, Hot Creations, house, tech house, tech-house