2019 Sep 19     
2 Bit Thugs

Spanish producers Meid and Mood join forces, Ant La Rock remixes

This latest release on We Love Us from James Meid and Uri Mood comes fully loaded with an Original Mix and an Ant La Rock Remix, and both are of high quality.

First we have the Original Mix, which starts with a DJ-friendly kick, hi-hat and clap intro, then after the requisite number of bars adds a simple synth and a funky bassline, plus LinnDrum-style fills which give it an old school feel that's further heightened by the main hook for the track, a recording of an old political speech which contains the words "challenge them” and which the producers have sampled and looped up to good effect. There's a one-word, sung female vocal sample in the mix as well, and the track that results is a surefire floor-filler if ever I heard one. 

Then we come to the Ant La Rock Remix, which kicks off with a more laidback, tribal-sounding beat, a well-defined, repeated clap standing out among the shuffling hi-hats and synth stabs. There are various incidental samples that all sound great, and again the main hook is the political speech which works as well in the remix as it did in the original. The remix is the deeper of the two passes, which gives you an opportunity to play it in different sets or as a quality warmer-upper.

I don't have a favourite here: I'm likely to play the Original the most, but I'm sure both mixes will feature in future sets.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 13 September


Review Score: 8




Tags: James Meid, Uri Mood, We Love Us, Ant La Rock, house