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iZotope releases RX 6 Audio Editor

Popular audio repair software gets an update

2017 Apr 22     
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Version 6 is available now, with prices starting at £78

Music software maker iZotope has announced the sixth edition of its popular audio clean-up tool RX Audio Editor.

RX Audio Editor is designed for anyone who wants to improve the quality of recordings, whether it's de-essing a podcast, tweaking audio stems recorded in the studio, cleaning up WAV recordings made from vinyl or helping you to digitise your collection of old 90s jungle tapebacks in a more satisfying manner. 

New features in the sixth incarnation include tools to help with lavalier mic rustle, wind rumble and voice isolation, a new De-bleed module to elimated instrument bleed from vocal tracks, a new suite of vocal- and dialogue-specific tools and a new Composite View that lets you apply the same quality enhancement tools to up to 16 audio tracks at once.

Four versions of the software are available. RX 6 Elements at £78 has four essential tools for podcasters: Voice De-noise, De-click, De-clip and De-hum. RX 6 Standard, aimed at home producers and post-production studios, adds Spectral Repair, De-bleed, Spectral De-ess and Composite View for £235, while RX 6 Advanced at £629 is built for TV and film post-production, and has all that plus De-rustle, Dialogue Isolate, De-wind and more time-saving tools. 

Finally, for full-blown professional studios there's the full-blown professional RX Post Production Suite 2, which includes RX 6 Advanced, Neutron Advanced, RX Loudness Control and the Insight mastering suite, plus a set of video tutorials and walk-throughs.

Upgrade options are available for existing RX users, who can save up to 50% off the prices outlined above. For full details, see





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