2016 Jan 05     
2 Bit Thugs

The Italian duo come good with a Balearic-inspired original while Four Walls supply a housier refix

Some Balearically-inclined nu-disco vibes here, coming from those rising stars of the scene Irregular Disco Workers, AKA Gregorio Assandri and Andrea Frittella.

Just the two mixes of Yesterday to choose from. In its Original form, it's an 80s-leaning affair, starting out with a spoken, European-sounding female vocal ("yesterday... yesterday... the magic has gone away"), Italo disco synths and a hazy, druggy bassline that chugs and throbs away behind it all. As the track progresses, house pianos enhance the track's Balearic feel and are joined by the main, sung vocal ("Doesn't feel quite like yesterday, the magic between us has lost its way"). The Four Walls Remix, meanwhile, nudges us closer to slo-mo house territory, with the pianos brought more to the fore and a stuttering, near-bruk rhythm.

Quality fare from the Italian duo, with the Four Walls Remix the standout to these ears.

Release date: 8 January


Review Score: 8




Tags: Irregular Disco Workers, Four Walls, No Static Recordings