2021 Aug 06     
2 Bit Thugs

Sydney-based INVU puts a Dana Dawson vocal bite to excellent use

This is only the 14th release from Aussie label Vibe Material, who are making their iDJ debut today. INVU, who like the label is based in sunny Sydney, is the man at the controls and brings us two nice chunky, dancefloor-focused deep housers.

It's the title track that's really earned this EP its place here, thanks to the great use it makes of a vocal snip from Dana Dawson's 90s podium classic 3 Is Family, with the "one and one is two" and "I believe in you" lines are looped up and used to put the vocal cherry on a cake that otherwise consists of a heavy, throbbing bassline, light percussion and shakers and a very stabby main synth hook, with some organs joining the party only later on. We're a long way from handbag territory musically, but the vocal really lifts what would otherwise be quite a shufflin', eyes-down kinda track. 

Not that there's anything wrong with shufflin', eyes-down kinda tracks, of course – in fact, just to the prove the point, INVU very kindly supplies another in the form of 152, which delivers some serious bottom-end heft alongside nagging keys and all manner of weird n' wonderful top notes. But it's One & One itself that's the killer here.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 30 July


Review Score: 8




Tags: INVU, Vibe Material, deep house, deep tech, Dana Dawson