2017 Dec 16     
2 Bit Thugs

Serbia's Ilija Djokovic serves up three original cuts, while Roberto Capuana provides a remix

Not quite as 303-laden as earlier Filth On Acid releases, this three-track EP from Serbian DJ/producer Ilija Djokovic comes complete with a Roberto Capuano remix of the third track, Requiem.

First into the fray is Enigma itself, which has a long intro made up of a synth note and muted percussion. A rubber band sound then ushers in the main section, which features crisp drums, an acidic bassline and a pulsing lead. It's all quite reserved, but good stuff nonetheless. The second track, Lucid Dreams, is more what you expect from the label, with a big, relentless kick drum, sparse hi-hats and bubbling acid in the background as the track meanders through your cerebral cortex and tickles your synapses.

The third track is the original of Requiem, which again isn't the full frontal assault I expected but a rather chilled affair, with a muted kick intro joined by a synth note. Another bigger, more booming kick then leads you on a merry dance through the softer side of acid, with a choral pad used for the lead line. Finally you get the Roberto Capuano remix of Requiem, which is tougher from the offm with a massive kick, snappy claps and throbbing synths leading you to the introduction of the pad sound main riff, which is supplemented by bleeps and risers and has a galloping feel.

For me, the remix of Requiem is the best track on the EP as it has the most going on, and is the most melodic. But all four cuts here are well made... they're just not particularly filthy!

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 15 December



Review Score: 7




Tags: Ijija Djokovic, Roberto Capuano, Filth On Acid, techno