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iDS-10: a Korg synth for iPhone

Impressively specced mobile app costs just $9.99

2015 Dec 09     
2 Bit Thugs

iDS-10 is a new iOS incarnation of DS-10, the company’s previous big-selling music package for Nintendo DS users

New from Korg comes iDS-10, an iPhone app comprising an ‘analog’ synthesiser complete with old-school patching, an oscilloscope and five built-in FX, a drum synth featuring kick, snare, 2x hi-hat, tom-tom and percussion sounds, and a voice synth that can generate vocals from text, or be used with the microphone throughput to function as a conventional vocoder.

And those are just the basics. iDS-10 also features a ‘smart’ keyboard, KAOSS mode for tweaking your sounds and the ability to store up to 32 patterns that can be played back and manipulated live.

Admittedly, iDS-10 is really aimed more at casual users than serious studio boffins. But there’s the facility to export your recordings and email them, meaning it could prove useful for jotting down melodic or rhythmic ideas while you’re on the move… or just be a better bet than staring out of the window when the bus is stuck in traffic!

More info at, or you can watch the demo below! 





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