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The live streaming service for DJs is under threat after being hacked

2017 Mar 06     
2 Bit Thugs

A GoFundMe campaign has been launched to help them cover their costs

Video streaming start-up, the service that enables DJs to live-stream their sets, is faced with crippling bills after being hacked in December, and the owners have set up a GoFundMe campaign in an attempt to keep the platform afloat.

As the GoFundMe page explains: "At the end of December last year, we discovered our infrastructure had been misused. Pirates had used Chew's platform to illegally rebroadcast a major sporting event - streaming their live content on our infrastructure, while delivering it on their own ad-supported websites. Our infrastructure provider has decided that, because the compromise was preventable (despite the fastest possible action taken to remedy it), we are liable for the fraudulent cost - which totals around £22,500."

There's a full explanation of the problem here. But the short version is that the streaming platform is likely to go under if they can't raise £12K quickly. The good news is that, at time of writing, the campaign had only been running for 48 hours and the total pledged so far stands at over £6,500 already.

If you'd like to chip in to help keep Chew - an invaluable means for young DJs to get some attention, and a great place to discover fresh music from right across the dance music spectrum - alive, then you can find the GoFundMe page here.





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