2018 Jul 07     
2 Bit Thugs

The Spanish maestro shows why he's a leading light of the tech-house world

Widely regarded as one of modern house music’s leading talents, Hector Couto doesn't disappoint here with a fine three-track EP that's his first for Solardo’s Sola Music.

The title track opens proceedings, a dancefloor-ready weapon with a percussive intro, organ stabs and vocal chops that are joined by a grooving bassline and and more keyboard action in the form of little sound bleeps. These elements take you up to a breakdown, where Couto introduces the main hip-hop vocal sample, which is cut-up and spliced neatly into the soundbed at the start, then played in full when the track gets into full swing.

Next comes Sons of The Underground. The track opens with a kick, snare and echoed claps that are joined by sci-fi synths, a grooving bassline and, eventually, the “this is the sons of the underground’ vocal line, which forms the main hook for the track - although there are plenty of others. There's a grungy synth organ sound and crisp percussion that give it that all-important swung feel and that, with cowbells in play as well, make this into a definite crowd pleaser. Finally you have No Fear, which has a sparser intro, a chunky bassline and a male spoken vocal sample, all wrapped up in a pumping backbeat. Like the previous two tracks, this one will work great on a dancefloor..

This EP is all killer and no filler, with all three cuts good enough to have been the lead track, and showcases Couto's talent for turning in a great tune time after time after time.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 6 July



Review Score: 8




Tags: Hector Couto, Sola Music, tech house, tech-house