2017 Aug 20     
2 Bit Thugs

Berlin's renowned mixing and mastering engineer steps out under his own steam

Berlin-based Hannes Bieger is better known for his work as a studio engineer, and his mastering of other people's tracks. He's certainly someone with great technical gifts in a recording studio, but for this release he steps out of the shadows and stands in the limelight, delivering a two-track EP with a remix of the first track by Ruede Hagelstein.

The title track is up first. Just over nine minutes in length, it starts with muted drums and clever synth wizardry as it builds into a striking piece of tech with all of his production smarts on full display. It's a complex yet soothing track that has a sharp top line and an enveloping feel as it wraps around your senses and drives you towards the nearest dancefloor.

Next up is Rhyolite, another lengthy track that clocks at over eight minutes. Rhyolite starts with a panned, bleepy intro, which develops into a top line that carries the tune throughout many twists and turns. There are distorted synths, church organs and muted pads that all give the lead line a chance to weave you on a merry dance. Finally you have Ruede Hagelstein’s interpretation of Strato, which is shorter (at 7:20) and not so instant, with dark pads building up to a solid electro bassline and sounding sinister, futuristic and deeper than the original.

This EP is quite different from a lot of what's out there at present, and no compromises have been made for the sake of commercial appeal. It's cerebral and thought-provoking throughout, and the perfect antidote to a lot of the mass- produced music we have to suffer these days.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 18 August



Review Score: 8




Tags: Hannes Bieger, Poker Flat, Ruede Hagelstein