2018 Jun 28     
2 Bit Thugs

New Dubai label Curate Records impress with their debut release

Curate Records may be a brand new label, but they've come up trumps with their first release, which comes from label co-founder Andy McGirr, AKA Gurzy.

Still Doin' It is based around a sample of a DJ talking about his own career, starting with working with the late great Larry Levan (the resident DJ at New York’s legendary Paradise Garage, credited by many as the blueprint for a lot of clubs that followed). The track itself kicks off with jazzy electric piano chords and softly played bongos, then builds with layers of percussion before really coming alive when the bassline is added. There's a long section with a one-note string line to add tension until the vocal sample comes into play - about how DJing wasn’t a career choice back then but how the person speaking is now 56 and "still doin’ it". The track is nice and mellow throughout, with jazzy overtones, and a great example of how the right sample in the hands of a good producer can be a devastating tool.

Still Doin' It is a simple track but oh boy is it an effective one, and it's perfectly timed for the long hot summer nights ahead. I think this one is going to be huge!

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 28 June



Review Score: 9




Tags: Gurzy, Curate Records, Andy McGirr, house, Paradise Garage