2017 Jun 10     
2 Bit Thugs

The album features collaborations with Black Sun Empire, Mindscape, Hive and more

D&B heavyweight and all-round bassline bossman Gridlok returns to the fray after almost a year's hiatus with his much-anticipated fifth album Z3R0 H0U2. Featuring collaborations with massive artists such as Black Sun Empire, Mindscape and Hive, it's little wonder that much hype has been generated around this release - if you like your beats ferocious and your basslines dirtier than a farmer’s boots on mucking out day, this is definitely the album for you!

Opening the album is a collaboration with long-time friend and contributor to the world of tech drum & bass, none other than Cause 4 Concern’s Optiv, with a track entitled Cold World. Starting out suitably eerie in its composition, there are no prizes for guessing what comes next: the contorted and twisted midrange rolls out perfectly over an extremely raucous drum break, leaving the listener practically gasping for air.

The rest of the LP follows in much the same vein. Standout tracks include the twisted Red Six featuring Mindscape - classically techy and sure to damage many systems around the world this summer; The Plot - a throwback to a bygone era of tech that’s refreshing to hear from such an established artisr; Scamp - featuring Brazil’s BTK; and of course Vault Dweller - another collaborative effort, this time with label bosses Black Sun Empire.

But this album is by no means a one-trick pony, and tracks such as Synthetic Blue demonstrate this veteran producer’s versatility when it comes to this genre - it could almost be described as minimal, but still very much with Gridlok’s own unique flavour. It's an extremely dark piece that's layered with constantly evolving elements, both in terms of atmospherics and percussively (the metallic ghost snares are unexpected and yet completely natural- sounding - a masterpiece of this style for sure).

All in all, the only thing left to say about this release is that it really is very, very good indeed. Expect to hear many of these tunes being blasted out both at events and in people’s bedroom setups around the world, as we all get down to the serious and enticingly hectic vibes of the one and only Gridlok.

Words: Altered Perception

Release date: Out now



Review Score: 9




Tags: Gridlok, Ryan Powell, Blackout Music NL, Black Sun Empire, Mindscape, BTK, Hive