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Grab this ace 'Plastic Dreams' remake for free

Jaydee's classic gets a bass-y makeover

2016 Oct 04     
2 Bit Thugs

The entirely remade track comes from DKR boss Kleen Kutz

In the pantheon of all-time classic, era-defining anthems, Jaydee's Plastic Dreams has to be right up there. So much so, that many would say it shouldn't be messed about with - but that hasn't stopped plenty of people having a go over the years. And it thankfully hasn't stopped Kleen Kutz from producing this respectful remake, either.

Known to his Mum and the taxman as Matt Hobin, Kleen Kutz is head honcho of the DKR and Digress Records labels, as well as the founder of recently launched dance music AV channel For this take on Jaydee's classic he has, he informs us, used no samples of the original tune at all - it's all been replayed, making it all the more impressive that it sounds so faithful to the original while simultaneously giving the track a bass-y, 21st Century refix.

And best of all, it's yours to download for free… enjoy!

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