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Grab a free album from Teklife Recordings

Features cuts from DJ Paypal, Durban, DJ Manny, DJ Taye and more

2016 Dec 29     
2 Bit Thugs

Teklife. HAS: 14-track compilation album. WILL SWAP FOR: your email address

Here's a little Xmas present you can give yourself that won't cost you a single penny: a free 14-track compilation album from Teklife Recordings called simply Teklife VIP.

Teklife Recordings is just over a year old, and was set up by members of the eponymous footwork collective following the tragic death of scene legend (and Teklife main man) DJ Rashad. Previously, most releases from the Teklife crew had come on the Planet Mu and Hyperdub imprints.

If you're a footwork fanatic, Teklife VIP is obviously a must. If you're yet to be convinced, on the other hand, then it's worth downloading the set anyway just to get an idea of how far the footwork sound has moved on in the past few years... DJ Manny x DJ Phil's footwork remake of Sister Nancy's early 80s reggae classic Bam Bam is particularly worthy of your attention, while the moody techno-grime soundscapes of DJ Tre's Unreleased Track 2K14 are another highlight.

The full tracklisting is as follows:

DJ Taye x Taso - Thinkin Bout U
DJ Manny x DJ Paypal x Sirr Tmo - Ohhhheeeeaaa
DJ Manny x DJ Phil - Bam Bam VIP
DJ Chap - FloatWeezy x Teddman - They Never Get It
Durban x Mel G - The Plug
DJ Taye - Shawty You Lit
Sirr Tmo - Epinephrine
DJ Paypal - Pop A Perc
Durban - Theraflu
DJ Tre - Unreleased Track 2K14
DJ Big Hank - Slow Moe
Mel G - Like Dat
Boylan - Strictly Financial

To get your free album, just head here and enter your email address.





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