2016 Jun 16     
2 Bit Thugs

This release comes with high expectations, but Danny Slade suggests it more than lives up to them

After a 13-year hiatus, Ferry Corsten revived his Gouryella moniker in June 2015 and brought out Anahera to rapturous applause from the trance press and fans alike. Almost a year to the day later, he now releases the follow-up, Neba.

It has pretty big shoes to fill. Why? Because Anahera, which topped the Beatport Trance Chart for a record duration, was the biggest-selling trance release in 2015. Add in the fact that Ferry is touring some of the world's dance events as Gouryella, playing what some would call the real trance sound, and this track has a lot to live up. So does it deliver?

The simple answer is yes. It starts with a with a cymbal crash and builds with a pounding kickdrum and a rubbery synth-bass sound, then evolves with soaring sounds into a highly charged emotional rollercoaster ride through all that was, and still is so good about trance. It has pomp and majesty, orchestral leanings, highly emotive melodies and the trademark sound of Corsten at his very best.

Will it be as big as his earlier Gouryella releases? I think so: the magic and sparkle is still there and it truly has its own sound that you have to admire, even if you aren't a fan of trance. As individual as you are going to get, it's so much more than just A N Other trance release, and for that reason I have to give it the highest mark I can bestow.  

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 13 June



Review Score: 10




Tags: Ferry Corsten, Gouryella, trance