2016 Mar 20     
2 Bit Thugs

'Musica' is the studio-recreated version of a live jam at Dreamstate last November

A music producer’s writing process is normally a very personal experience. But for this release Giuseppe chose a different approach, as this one was written live in front of 10.000 people at a rave in an aircraft hangar.

He was testing out his latest live show setup at the Dreamstate event last November, and created this atmospheric trancer live. It went down so well that he decided to head into a recording studio the same week and transcribe what he created live on a more traditional setup, which he has done very effectively.

What you have is a driving track with a throbbing synth-bass riff, vocal stabs and a developing piano riff, plus emotive breakdowns and risers a-plenty. It is an accomplished release, and the promo features a radio-friendly edit as well. Not bad at all for a week's work!  

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 14 March


Review Score: 8




Tags: trance, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Dreamstate, Black Hole Recordings