2018 Jul 11     
2 Bit Thugs

Serbian producer Gavrilovich comes to Dominican Republic label Tanama

Tanama Records welcome Dominican Republic-based Serbian DJ/roducer Gavrilovich to their label, with a tasty funky tech-house release that comes fully loaded with two distinctive cuts.

Like many of Gavrilovich's original tracks, these two are numbered rather than named - numbered 022 and 023, to be precise. Up first is 022, which kicks off with a shuffling drum pattern for eight bars, then adds a kickdrum, a "yeah" shout and a clap that play up to the arrival of the bassline and, eventually, a vocal chop saying "the funky beat". The track's quite minimal but has a nice groove to it, with a stabbed keyboard sound, snare rolls and, later on, a neat vibrato violin riff that really lifts the track and adds a little quirkiness.

Then we have 023, which starts with a swung drum pattern with doubled-up claps and vocal chops saying "yeah", which play up to a breakdown where a riser is added, along with another vocal sample saying "and so it is". Then, in come a tasty funky bassline and a keyboard lead line. A tizzy hi-hat is added to the mix before we come to another breakdown with keyboard stabs and atmospheric sounds; then a riser takes us back into the flow of the track, which has bleeps and a vocal sample and by now has really found its groove.

For me the second track is the best as it has more idiosyncratic sounds and a more uptempo feel, but both are solid crowd-pleasers and the EP as a whole is well worth checking out.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 12 July


Review Score: 7




Tags: Gavrilovich, Tanama Records, tech house, tech-house