2017 Dec 09     
2 Bit Thugs

The EP houses two original cuts plus an Alexander Aurel remix

Bulgarian producer Gallya has been on Say What boss Ramon Tapia’s radar for a while, so when he asked her to send in some tracks, she didn't disappoint. Those tracks went on to become the Control EP, complete with a remix of Cold Fusion from Alexander Aurel.

First up is Control itself, which starts with a kick, a hi-hat and a vocal sample repeating “yeah”. A chunky bassline is then introduced that gives this tune great presence. There are some nifty synth lines over the top and the whole track is very well produced and polished to a shine. All the sounds stand out from the mix and it's one groovy little number!

Next comes the original mix of Cold Fusion, which starts with a distorted kick, snare shots and acidic stabs that are then joined by a female vocal sample. It's darker than Control and has a sinister feel, with synth licks, acidic tones and the female “yes, he’s in the army” vocal played repeatedly throughout. The Alexander Aurel Chain Reaction Remix, on the other hand, starts with a kick, closed hi-hat and funky bassline and is a lot more accessible and floor-friendly, with laser shots, rumbling noises and a one-word chant to hype it up. It gallops along at a nice pace and is completely different from the original.

My favourites here are Control and the remix of Cold Fusion, as I am and always will be a sucker for a funky bassline, but all three are well worth a listen.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 8 December



Review Score: 8




Tags: Gallya, Say What? Recordings, Alexander Aurel, Ramon Tapia, tech house, tech-house