2018 Mar 09     
2 Bit Thugs

Turkey's Gadi Mitrani comes to Barcelona label Galaktika Records

Maurice Aymard’s Galaktika Records comes up trumps again with Gadi Mitrani’s latest EP, which features remixes from Death On The Balcony and Adham Zahran.

There are three tracks in a total of six mixes, the first of which is the Original Mix of Swirly Angel itself, a laidback house track with a percussive intro of congas and claps taking you to a breakdown with a warm developing synth riff that envelops you in a feeling of tranquility which carries you on throughout the track. Next comes the Death On The Balcony Remix, which starts with the synth riff and drum hits and adds minimal female vocals and a defined bassline. It's still very laidback and immersive, but is more detailed, with intricate sounds and effects.

Then you have the Adham Zahran Remix, which again uses the synth riff but adds claps and ride cymbals and keeps the mellowness flowing at full strength while adding an element of randomness. Next is Flyby Space, an altogether more progressive track with a funky bassline, ethnic percussion and spaceman samples, and then the Original Mix of TAOS (The Art of Sound) which is a slow-paced, almost ambient house track built around a vocal sample of a scientist talking about sound. Finally you have the TAOS Dub, which loses most of the vocal and amps up other sounds, and works very well.

If you like your house music chilled and soothing, you won't go wrong with this EP. My favourite is Flyby Space, as it has the most drive yet is still nice and soothing to listen to over and over again.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 8 March



Review Score: 8




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