2016 Jun 25     
2 Bit Thugs

A great EP with two contrasting but complementary tracks

This two-track EP by Cologne-based Freiboitar & Djoko, is brought to you by Switzerland's Indiana Tones label and comes fully loaded with a brace of great house tunes that are quite different from each other, but that both work equally well out on the floor where it counts.

It Was A Beat starts with a percussion loop and quickly builds with a kickdrum and vocal snippets, accompanied by wobbling synths, crisp percussion and one seriously funky-assed bassline. More of the male spoken vocal sample is used as the track progresses, accompanied by sweeping chords and a large dose of 'da funk'. Down Low is a more stripped-back tune with soulful overtones that features a female sung vocal sample, jazzy piano, subtle guitar samples and a male vocal sample. It is definitely more suited to those mellower moments of the night and uses snippets of the I Need A Miracle acapella, but not as the main hook. It would be perfect for summer evenings on various terraces in sunnier climes, or as a warm-up tune in a DJ set.

As a whole, the EP is well produced and has great attention to the subtle details that are needed to build two killer tunes, which is what this release brings to the turntables. I can see them both staying on my memory stick for many months to come and bringing many smiles to people's faces when they hear them.  

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 27 June



Review Score: 9




Tags: Freibotar & Djoko, Indiana Tones