2020 Apr 06     
2 Bit Thugs

Mr Black Jazz Consortium comes to Cassy's label with four slabs of deep, garage-y goodness

Do you like your house music deep, groovy and garage-leaning? If the answer is yes, then stop what you're doing and buy this record immediately! 

That's not entirely surprising, of course: Fred Peterkin, also known as Black Jazz Chronicles and FP-Oner, has a long track record in this arena. But this is something special even by his standards. Enter The Dancefloor itself is up first, opening with echoing chords, muted kicks and fragments of spoken female vocal. Delicate plucked strings are then added as the track gently meanders along for five minutes, never really "doing" much but sounding mighty fine while it does it. Or doesn't do it, whichever.

Then there's In The Mood, a slice of sparse, deep NJ garage topped with two different spoken male vocals – one white and talking about the interplay between human and instrument in making music, one black and sounding somewhat Biblical – as well as assorted female 'oohs' and other snips. That's followed by Vibes, which ups the pace just slightly and has the kind of wonky, off-kilter feel that characterised much early Madhouse output, before Feel It plays us out on a dreamier note, a track that's equally well suited to very late dancefloors or post-club play.

For yours truly it's In The Mood that takes the gold here, but the quality of the production throughout is excellent – so sumptuous and smooth you could almost dive into it and swim around. For lovers of the deep, this is essential.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 3 April


Click through to YouTube to hear all four tracks from the EP


Review Score: 9




Tags: Fred P, Kwench Records, deep house, US garage, Cassy