2021 Feb 13     
2 Bit Thugs

New mixes come courtesy of Prins Thomas and Mr Everything himself

I hope you're sitting comfortably, because there's a bit of a story to this one…

Here (Now) first came out in 2003. Back then, it was a mere B-side (to Over You, on 2020Vision), but it became a firm favourite with Ian Pooley – and since he namechecked the track in an "all-time Top 5" feature on German dance site Telekom Electronic Beats a couple of years back, copies of the original vinyl have, we're told, been trading hands for three-figure sums. So now here it comes again, with this 2021 reissue on Fred's own Lazy Days Recordings featuring three mixes.

Up first is the 2003 Original, which opens with a male voice saying "I will not apologise for who I am," then develops into a midpaced deep house groover, underpinned by a reverberating bassline, that's got a distinctly jazzy, Boulevard-esque bent. Next comes Fred's own A 2020 Space Disco Odyssey, a new mix that he apparently created after finding a bunch of unused, forgotten parts when he dug out the original session files. Here, the jazzier elements are toned down, and a brand new (but 28-year-old!) cello part takes the lead on a rub that's got a sligthtly more chuggy, eyes-down kinda feel. And then finally there's the Prins Thomas Diskomiks, which clocks in at an epic 10m 05s and adds a little of the Norwegian's trademark cosmic/Scandolearic flavour.

Not picking a fave here – all three mixes are of the quality you might expect from such a heavyweight pairing. 

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 5 February (vinyl) / 26 February (digital)


Review Score: 8




Tags: Fred Everything, Lazy Dazys, Prins Thomas, Ian Pooley, 2020Vision