2015 Nov 24     
2 Bit Thugs

David Morales and Farley & Heller do the remix honours on this retro-tastic cuts from Knuckles and Principle

The words 'heavweight team-up' get bandied around a lot, but a line-up that includes Frankie Knuckles, Jamie Principle, David Morales and Farley & Heller surely qualifies for that epithet more than most!

For those that don't know, Director's Cut was the name given to the late Frankie's hook-up with fellow Chi-town pioneer Jamie Principle. They debuted with a Hercules & Love Affair remix in 2009, before putting out a string of releases on The Shapeshifters' Nocturnal Groove label. Now this track, which the pair working on prior to Frankie's death, is getting a release on SoSure Music/Def Mix.

In its Original form, Boyz! pays clear homage to the hi-NRG days of the 80s with its Euro-style female vocal ("Boyz wanna have fun too, ain't nothing wrong with that") and bleepy synths. You can see what they were about, but on today's floors it's probably the remixes that'll see most action. Farley & Heller were asked for a 'Fire Island-style' mix and their Dub is just that - we defy any ravers of a certain age not to hear this and be taken straight back to 1993. The cream of the crop, though, is a dark and heavy Red Zone Mix from Morales.

Proof that the old school can still teach the young 'uns a thing or two… and a share of the profits will go to the Frankie Knuckles Foundation AIDS charity, too. So rude not to, really.

Release date: 30 November 2015, on vinyl; a digital release will follow in the new year.


Review Score: 8




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