2019 Aug 28     
2 Bit Thugs

Chilean producer Allendes comes to Carlo Lio's label

Chilean DJ/producer Francisco Allendes brings us three fine cuts of pumping, percussive house music.

Leading this welcome assault on the senses is Make Me, which starts with building drum loops that get more intricate the deeper you get in, then throws in some vocal chops which are repeated until we're joined by the bassline, which is of the simple but chunky variety. Synth stabs and more vocals with an echo effect then arrive, and by now we're into the main body of the track. It's a great place to be, the heady cacophony sure to keep the dancefloor pumping. 

The second cut, Kontakt, brings in the bassline and drums straight off the bat, then builds with choppy hi-hats and a long vocal chant playing in the background. After a vocal announcement of sorts, there are more vocal chops, the droning chant and, eventually, a native American (I'm guessing) lead vocal which fits perfectly into the mix and acts as a great hook. Finally you have Greenworld, which starts with a vocal call then, after the obligatory percussion build-up, brings in a funky bassline and a whole load of off-the-wall vocal samples which really bring the track to life. The percussive elements are programmed to a tee and the production levels in general are top drawer material.

As for picking a favourite, it's a tough call to make. Greenworld wins out I think, just because it's the funkiest of the three tracks, but all are recommended!

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 26 August


Review Score: 8




Tags: Francisco Allendes, RAWthentic, house