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First fruit of Vestax's rebirth revealed

3D renders of a brand new mixer appear online

2016 Mar 08     
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As yet, though, there's been no official announcement regarding price or availability

Back in January we told you how Vestax founder Hidesato Shiino is relaunching the Vestax brand this year as STP/Vestax. Well, pictures have now appeared on the company's website of the first fruit of the new venture, which would appear to be a four-channel mixer with a gold-and-black body.

It should be stressed that the pictures are 3D renderings, not actual photographs, and that there's been no official announcement of a specification. With that in mind, don't be surprised if the final product differs slightly from the picture you see here. But on the available evidence, the new mixer would appear to have four channels with three inputs per channel (3x line on Channel 1 and 1x phono, 2x line on Channels 2-4). Each channel is equipped with Trim and Balance controls, a VU level meter and a three-band rotary EQ.

The mixer also sports a fully assignable crossfader, curve control for both the crossfader and (slightly more unusually) the input faders, a discreet mic channel with two-band EQ and level controls, FX send/return, three-band master EQ and an intriguing rotary simply labelled 'Enhancer'.

A release date has not been set, nor has a price. But in January, Hidesato said he expected the first new product to go on sale in March, so hopefully we won't have to wait too much longer!

More details when we have them.






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