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Finley launches new label As.If Records

Pete Bones & Daniel Allan grace first release

2019 Oct 09     
2 Bit Thugs

The 'Fire Tornado EP' is out on 1 November, with more in the pipeline from piticu, Jason Hodges and Maher Daniel

US producer Finley has announced the launch of a new label called As.If Records, which will debut in November with the Fire Tornado EP by Pete Bones and Daniel Allen.

Brooklyn resident Finley's reputation has been steadily growing over the past few years. Known for his experimental, tech-tinged take on deep house, he's racked up releases on the likes of Get Physical, Nervous, Superfreq and A Touch Of Class, and has now decided its time to set up his own imprint "based on the idea that music is a complicated artform that, when made correctly from start to finish, can change perspectives".

The Fire Tornado EP features two original tracks from Bones and Daniel, plus a remix by Finley himself. Further As.If releases are already lined up from piticu, Jason Hodges and Maher Daniel, and details will soon be announced of label showcases in Boston, New York, Austin and Denver.

As.If Records should not be confused with UK label As IF! Records, which is a sister label to Maison Records. 

For more info, keep an eye on Finley's Facebook and Soundcloud pages.





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