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Porter & Davies introduce the KT Platform, a tactile monitor for DJs

2017 Jun 27     
2 Bit Thugs

If you're wondering what the hell a tactile monitor is, then read on...

Porter & Davies, makers of the tactile monitoring stools that have taken the drumming world by storm in recent years, have just introduced the KT Platform, a tactile monitor that you stand (rather than sitting) on, and that's therefore suitable for use by guitarists, bassists and - crucially for our purposes today! - DJs.

Unless you're a drummer, you may not have come across the idea of 'tactile monitoring' before. But you probably have seen those 'bone conduction' headphones that you can use underwater. Such headphones work by sending vibrations through your skull, which then rattle the tiny bones and even tinier hairs inside your ears in exactly the same way that the matching pressure wave in air (ie, audible sound) would.

Porter & Davies' successful drum stools, and now the KT Platform, work in exactly the same way - only instead of your skull, they send those same vibrations through your backside or the soles of your feet, respectively. They're designed to replace the traditional on-stage monitor speaker (and/or modern in-ear monitors) with a system that's inaudible to those around you, but that literally fills your whole body with sound.

"Just imagine the power of a couple of 18-inch subs in your booth," say Porter & Davies, "but without the deafening volume". It's not just about ass-quaking bass, though: they're quick to point out that "all notes are faithfully transmitted, including harmonics and all dynamics."

The KT Platform range is available now, with prices ranging from £589 to £829 (plus VAT and shipping) depending on what model you opt for. There are four to choose from, with quite subtle technical differences between them, so your best bet would be to hit up their website and check out the specs for yourself!





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