2016 Mar 12     
2 Bit Thugs

Eximinds team up with Yan Space for a single that fuses trance, acid and classical influences

The latest offering from Eximinds & Yan Space comes liberally laced with acid... everybody, it seems, loves a 303!

Trance music and acid are a match made in heaven, and here's a perfect case in point. Take one midtempo trancer with epic, progressive leanings, add a punchy, acidic lead line, and you have the recipe for a trance track that sounds different from the rest yet fits the genre perfectly.

On Air starts with a kickdrum and an ethereal pad. Things pretty quickly the shift up a gear, and that beautiful rich acid comes in as the lead line and drives the track to an arpeggiated aria in the breakdown which features even more acidic burblings, and a riser back into the main body of the tune which has an almost classical sound. They've also included a Radio Edit to help get it on air in a more digestible format (as trance can be hard to programme due to the length of the tracks) and this also works well, but my choice is the Extended Mix as for me, you can never have enough 303!

Quality trance with acidic, classical leanings suits me just fine.

Words: Danny Slade


Review Score: 8




Tags: Eximinds, Yan Space, Digital Society Recordings, trance, acid