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EXCLUSIVE! 'The One' by Groove Salvation

Track is from GaGa Records' ADE compilation

2017 Oct 26     
2 Bit Thugs

The full album's out tomorrow, featuring tracks from Eddie Amador, Dany Cohiba and more

Our second great track exclusive this week comes to you courtesy of Luxembourg house label GaGa Records. Groove Salvation's deep, soul-tinged houser The One is just, er, one of 14 tracks that make up the GaGa In Da House Amsterdam 2017 label sampler, which is out tomorrow (27 October).

GaGa Records was set up in 2006 by Luxembourg native Sam Skilz, who's worked with the likes of Michelle Weeks, Roland Clark and Dave Penn. The label's output mixes local talent with big international names like Eddie Amador, Dany Cohiba and Lenny Fontana, and - as the new sampler, which is the 10th in their annual series, demonstrates - has spanned a range of house styles, from soulful to tribal.

Standout cuts on the new album for us include Sam's own old school-nodding Back To House, Dany Cohiba's percussive tech-houser Wokaranda, DJ Cocodil's deep n' groovy Freak, Real Kue Soul's mellow, spacey Sometimes... and, of course, this little beauty, which makes inventive use of a very famous vocal! 

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