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EXCLUSIVE! 'Reach Out' by Laughing Man

Track comes from the 'Uno' EP, out on Silencio on 6 November

2017 Oct 10     
2 Bit Thugs

Other tracks on the EP come from Kepler, Jorge Ciccioli, Yuuki Hori and more

Our second great track premiere of the week comes to you courtesy of Bolivian techno label Silencio Records. Laughing Man's Reach Out is just one of six tracks that together make up the various artists EP Uno, which is out on double-pack vinyl and digitally on 6 November.

Elsewhere on the EP, you'll find funk-inflected minimal techno from Click Box & Stefan Dichev on the track Memories, slightly glitchier vibes on Wave Particle Singularity's Virtue, pulsing 90s-influenced techno on Kepler's Tool, housier tech grooves on Yuuki Hori's Scene 5 and sparse, small-hours twitchery on Jorge Ciccioli's TD8. Our ears were most drawn, though, to this spaced-out and dubby yet still energetic cut from Dublin-based producer Laughing Man.

See what you think...


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