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EXCLUSIVE! 'Hold On' by Franksen & Rafa Zoe

A fine 90s-tinged houser with a tribal twist

2017 Oct 18     
2 Bit Thugs

The track comes from the 'Genuine Inside' EP, out on 23 October

Our second track premiere this week comes to you courtesy of Barcelona's sinnmusik*, as iDJ brings you the first public airing of Franksen & Rafa Zoe's Hold On. The track is taken from the Genuine Inside EP, which is out on Monday (23 October).

For this release, Franksen - whose discography features numerous collaborations with various other producers - has teamed up once more with fellow Frankfurt resident Rafa Zoe. The pair previously released three EPs and singles in 2015, the same year that Franksen himself last appeared on sinnmusik* with C-Rock collab Jack Warped.

Three tracks make up the Genuine Inside EP. Genuine Music is a deep/tech house roller with a light and precise touch, sporting a spoken male "music... it just feels so good" vocal and distinctly 90s-flavoured organ stabs, while It's Inside fuses classic deep house/garage tropes - wistful female vocal snips, lingering pads, a two-chord piano riff - to a chugging bassline. But our ears were caught in particular by Hold On, which has a heads-down, tribal feel and something of a mid-90s Strictly Rhythm vibe. 

Don't take our word for it though - see what you think...


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