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EXCLUSIVE! 'Harmonies Of Glass' by Pellon

The 'Harmonies Of Glass' EP is out on 26 October

2017 Oct 09     
2 Bit Thugs

The EP comes on Pellon's own Parallel Label

We've got a couple of great track exclusives for you this week, starting with Harmonies Of Glass, taken from Pellon's EP of the same name, which is out on Parallel Label on 26 October.

Sergio Pellon hails from Spain, where he's been a fixture on the club scene since the mid-90s, drawn to electronic music initially by the leftfield sounds of labels like Warp and Ninja Tune. But he was soon bitten by the techno bug, and until recently, he was best known as one-half of Monkey Brothers, the duo he founded with his brother Ruben in 2005. Last year, though, he decided to branch out on his own and focus on sounds that are "more deep, less dark", making his debut simply as Pellon with the Song Of Sea EP on Parallel.

Four tracks make up Pellon's latest offering. As you'll hear below, the title cut is a fragile, haunting affair, opening with lingering piano chords and barely-there percussion before Sergio's wistful vocal comes in to give the whole thing a melancholic, lounge-y feel. Elsewhere on the EP, Flowers In The Diary operates in similar territory to the title track, while Romania's Mihai Popoviciu supplies a tech-house remix of Harmonies Of Glass for the dancefloor and Close To You suggests Sergei's early love of Ninja/Warp-style leftfield grooves has never truly died!

Anyway, see what you think...


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