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EXCLUSIVE! 'Gravity' by Sascha Sonido

A dramatic slice of progressive tech from Lauter Unfug

2017 Nov 06     
2 Bit Thugs

Track comes from the Spaceship EP, which is out on 19 November

We've got another fine track exclusive to kick off the week, as iDJ brings you the first public airing of Gravity by Sascha Sonido. The track is taken from the Spaceship EP, which drops on 19 November.

Based in Konstanz, Germany, Sascha Sonido is perhaps best known as the boss of Straight Ahead Music, the label he set up in 2014. But his own work has appeared on numerous other labels, including Kittball, ViVA Music, Kling Klong and Trapez... and now Luxembourg's Lauter Unfug.

The Spaceship EP as a whole features three mixes of Spaceship and one of Gravity. Spaceship in its original form is a dark, throbbing, synth-y affair sitting right on the progressive/tech-house cusp, with Flo MRZDK's Out Of Space Remix bringing the synths even further to the fore while Matthias Shaffhausen opts for a trippier, late-night techno approach on his Users Countdown Remix. But the track that grabbed our ears the most was the EP's other original cut, Gravity, with its solid, driving 4/4s, Octave One-ish keys and over-arching sense of big room drama.

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