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EXCLUSIVE! 'Feel You' by Skydoll ft Timotha Lanae

Smooth contemporary soul from Minneapolis

2017 Aug 19     
2 Bit Thugs

The single's out on Monday, with house mixes from Sandy Turnbull and Opolopo

Another fine track exclusive for you today, as iDJ brings you the first public airing of Feel You by Skydoll ft Timotha Lanae, which is out on Monday.

Skydoll are a new soul trio from Minneapolis, though members Brandon Dalida, MacGregor Teigen and Paul Ryan all have long individual track records, working in various bands and studios and across a range of genres. They first heard featured vocalist Timotha Lanae [pictured] singing with Alexander O'Neal at Minneapolis' famed First Avenue venue, but it wasn't until a chance encounter in the studio, when both were working (separately) with renowned session bassist and Steve Miller Band alumnus Billy Peterson, that the four joined forces.

The first fruit of their collaboration is Feel You, which is also the very first release on the band's own Skydoll Records. The single's out on Monday, complete with more uptempo rubs from Sandy Turnbull and Opolopo, but we thought we'd take a rare excursion into straight-up soul pastures and bring you the gorgeously smooth n' slinky original.

See what you think...

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