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EXCLUSIVE! 'Clap' by David Hasert & Francesco Mami

Track is taken from the 'Kuloe' EP, which drops next week

2017 Jun 12     
2 Bit Thugs

The EP sees this German-British duo teaming up for the second time

We've got another great track exclusive for you today, as iDJ premieres Clap by David Hasert & Francesco Mami. The track is taken from the pair's Kuloe EP, which is out on Lauter Unfug on 20 June.

Also known simply as Hasi, David Hasert hails from Cologne, Germany, where he is resident at the club Reineke Fuchs and the man behind the LIKE Records label. His music has appeared on labels such as Kompakt, Beats In Space and Dantze. For this Lauter Unfug EP he teams up once more with London-based producer Francesco 'Frank' Mami, with whom he previously worked on last year's Black Rocks EP for Dantze.

The EP features three original tracks: Kuloe, Excuse Me and Clap. Kuloe is a moody affair coming from that place where deep, tech and prog collide, while Excuse Me is more funk-fuelled cut topped with a quite avant garde-sounding vocal from Mz Sunday Love. Our favourite, though, is Clap, which as you can hear below is a no-nonsense dancefloor strutter that gets a little bit trippy around the edges.

A chunkier, proggier remix of Clap from Beatamines rounds out the EP, but for now you can enjoy the original version in all its glory...


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