2019 Apr 28     
2 Bit Thugs

The album doubles as a celebration of 10 years of Siragusa's club night (and now record label)

There are 10 tracks in this celebration of all things FUSE. It kicks off with with an ambient intro piece called Good Night, which is a great introduction to what is to come – a collection of tracks which capture London’s rich heritage of rave culture, and that have been collected over two years' worth of studio time to embody the ethos of what FUSE parties are all about.

The first track to really catch my attention is track three, Stromboli. Stromboli has a funky bassline and a cowbell laden-rhythm that really swings with spacey pads, and just a soupcon of acidic squelching in the mix which gives it a nice underground feel while the pads soar above. Track five, Paradigm Shift, is a builder with crisp, whispering hi-hats and healthy amounts of sub-bass, which are joined by a futuristic synth lead that comes at you in waves. Another acidic lead line takes centre stage as the track develops and really takes you on a voyage of aural discovery. 

That's followed by Lost & Found In 93, another ambient track that has some really interesting sounds – it only lasts for two minutes 22 seconds, but captures the zeitgeist perfectly. Voodoo is up next, which to me plays homage to the influence of jungle and speed garage on London’s rave culture, as do the last three tracks: Deeper Inside, Rollin Riddm feat MC Rossko and finally Mysterious.

All in all, this album really works on two levels: it has to be an honouring of all things FUSE but also capture the artist's own musical brush strokes. The successful marriage of concept and sound that results is well worth your perusal.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 26 April



Review Score: 8




Tags: Enzo Siragusa, A Decade Of Rave, FUSE, house, techno, tech-house, jungle