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Ellen Allien announces new label

UFO Inc debuts on 28 January

2019 Jan 16     
2 Bit Thugs

The label's first release will be Allien's own 'UFO' EP

What do you do when your highly regarded techno and electro label reaches its 20th birthday? If your name's Ellen Allien, the answer's simple: you set up another one!

Not content with Bpitch Control being two entire decades old in 2019, the Berlin techno superstar is launching a new imprint called UFO Inc, which will make its debut with the UFO EP from Allien herself on 28 January. Further releases from Alien Rain and Regal are already in the bag, and we're told the new label will take a "rough and raw approach to contemporary techno".

The UFO EP features two tracks. The title track is an epic, suitably spacey affair with Detroit, acid and melodic influences in evidence, while Korpermaschine is a more eyes-down workout with the acid cranked up several notches. You can get a quick taste of both below – the full versions clock in at 7:38 and 8:31 respectively.






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