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EJ's Top 10 summer anthems

The Formula E DJ picks his 2017 summer sizzlers

2017 Sep 02     
2 Bit Thugs

A top 10 from one of the biggest DJs you've quite possibly never heard of

With the likes of Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi all recently announcing their intentions to get onboard, Formula E - like F1 but with electric cars - is increasingly looking like the future of high-peformance motorsport. There's just one catch. Being all-electric, Formula E cars just don't create that same exciting roar you get from Formula 1 cars.

Which is why the organisers came up with the bright idea of having a live DJ to soundtrack every race... and how the mysterious 'EJ' has come to play to audiences of millions worldwide, despite being probably an unfamiliar name to most club-goers.

Or is he? Like Daft Punk and The Stig before him, EJ is never seen in public without his helmet, and rumour has it he just might be a famous A-list DJ in disguise. Or he might not. Either way, he knows his way around a progressive house and trance set, and here he picks his Top 10 dead cert floorburners (or should that be rubber-burners?) for summer 2017.

1. EJ - Fire In Your Heart (Armada Captivating)
"The latest release from myself. Haunting vocals with a big drop to get any dancefloor jumping."


2. EJ - One More Night (Armada Captivating)
"This was my second solo release on Armada Captivating, and is one of my personal favourites out of all my tracks."


3. Tenishia feat Jonathan Mendelsohn - Sun Comes Again (Interplay)
"A beautiful track from two amazing artists. Some big news coming your way soon on a future collaboration with myself."


4. Dirty South feat Anima! - I Swear [Jason Ross Remix] (Anjunabeats)
"I've always been a big fan of Dirty South and love all of Jason Ross’s releases. Put the two together and you get this masterpiece!"


5. Omnia feat Danyka Nadeau - Hold On To You (Armind)
"Always a fan of a vocal, and Hold On To You has it all - a great vocal mixed with a catchy synth line."


6. Rodg - Right Away (Armind)
"The driving gritty bassline does it for me on this track. Mixed with the floaty breakdown, Right Away has it all."


7. Skylane - Polaris (Elliptical Sun Records)
"This track is so uplifting... perfect for those hands-in-the-air moments."


8. Marcus Santoro - Flashpoint (Enhanced Progressive)
"A nice driving track that lifts and lifts. Great bassline, too."


9. Orjan Nilsen feat Rykka - The Hardest Part (Armind)
"A beautiful vocal from Rykka, and amazing production as always from Orjan Nilsen."


10. Max Graham, Neev Kennedy - Guiding Light (Cycles)
"Such a banger! These two artists have produced something really special here."


EJ's latest single Fire In Your Heart is out now on Armada Captivating

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