2016 Jan 28     
2 Bit Thugs

A slinky techno beast coming complete with tougher remixes from Simon Baker and Petrichor

What we have here is only the second-ever release from EWA Records, a new label based in Glasgow. But if all EWA's output is gonna be as good as this offering from the label boss, expect to be hearing a lot more about them soon!

The Fear is up first, a melodic chugger sitting right on the house and techno cusp that manages to be slinky and menacing at the same time, like a beautiful but deadly snake. Negative Space itself sits a little more obviously under the umbrella marked 'techno' but is just as sinuous and funk-fuelled as The Fear, with an ominous synth hook and some almost siren-like sounds buried deep in the mix at the top end again lending a general air of brooding darkness.

A trio of remixes from Petrichor and Simon Baker (x2) tuffen things up somewhat for peaktime play on techno floors but it's the originals that stand out here, and that should see this EP finding favour with house, prog and and techno DJs alike.

Release date: 25 January


Review Score: 9




Tags: Edward Wagner, house, techno, EWA, Petrichor, Simon Baker