2021 Aug 07     
2 Bit Thugs

Majorca lad Dubman F comes to Induction Muzic

Majorca's Angel Martin, better known to deep house lovers as Dubman F, comes to Isaac Indart and Cesar Del Rio's Induction Muzic with an EP that'll delight deep house and US garage lovers in equal measure.

In its Original form, Just To Do It is heavily indebted to the sound of early 90s New Jersey/New York – think Madhouse, Strobe, Eight Ball – with its skippy beats, nagging chords and spoken male vocal ("we'd like to introduce one of the most delightful and certainly one of the most talented ladies we know")… do my ears deceive me or is that a cheeky little vocal bite from Cevin Fisher's The Way We Used To that creeps in near the end, too?

The NY Beats mix doesn't bring any great surprises, being a slightly tuffer, more stripped-back pass augmented by some very familiar horn stabs and Loleatta-like whoops, before the controls are handed over to fellow Majorcan Tatsu, who brings us a sparse, dubby pass for weary late floors.

If pushed then the original just nudges it for yours truly – but truth be told this is quality stuff whichever rub you plump for.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 6 August



Review Score: 9




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