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Dub FX

"Dub FX - Colours ft Martha Cecilia [Dead Belly Remix]"

Label: Dead Belly Music

2016 Mar 27     
2 Bit Thugs

The track is the first release from their Dead Belly Music label, and will feature on this year's Boomtown charity CD

Brummie bass music duo Dead Belly remix Australian street performer and recording artist Dub FX in aid of charity here.

The original version of Colours appeared on Dub FX's 2013 album Theory Of Harmony, and was a fairly mellow 'future bass' affair with something of a trip-hop vibe, and with Dub FX's Finley Quaye-ish vocal counterpointed by a dancehall-style female vocal from Ms Cecilia. In Dead Belly's hands, though, it's transformed into a sweetly-firing slice of liquid D&B, in which context Cecilia's vocal, in particular, actually seems to make more sense! The cheesy 80s sax line might prove a bit Marmite, admittedly, but you'll find no complaints coming from these parts.

Dead Belly have decided to donate this track to this year's Boomtown charity CD, with proceeds split between three charities: Simon On The Streets, Winchester Youth Counselling and Trinity Winchester.

Release date: 25 March




Review Score: 8




Tags: Dead Belly, Dub FX, bass music, dancehall, liquid D&B, liquid funk, D+B, DnB